Investment Portfolios for Growing Capital

Let Our Financial Advisors Employ Your Money for Growth

Man Checking Growth Oriented Portfolio Returns on ComputerWhen your objective is to grow your capital, Summit has several equity (stock) portfolios geared towards growth. Our portfolios are built with a blend of both growth and value components that can vary in response to current market conditions.

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To best serve the needs of our clients, our financial advisors have created five main types of portfolios:

Whether you’re new to investing or already have experience with a portfolio, Summit’s growth oriented portfolio strategies offer simple and effective ways to invest in a portfolio of high quality companies utilizing an investment approach that has been shown to be successful over the long haul.

Get the Right Stocks in the Right Portfolio Hand Picked by Our Financial Advisors

Our financial advisors will work with you to choose the right type of portfolio for your investing needs.  Regardless of the type of growth-oriented portfolio selected for you, all are created using a systematic process to eliminate emotion and design a portfolio based solely on hard data.

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We start with a list of about 5,000 companies that we scour for those that pass a variety of quality hurdles.

Typically, that process results in a list of 1,000 to 1,500 companies that are considered investable. From there, we whittle down to the top 50 to 100 equities that will form your portfolio.

Summit’s portfolio building system is a good fit for those with capital appreciation in mind.

Our logical approach to stock selection means that your portfolio is comprised of companies exhibiting growth, attractive valuation, and a measure of interest from other investors. Key among these is profit growth. Summit’s decades of investment experience tell us that profit growth often leads to rising stock prices which powers portfolio growth.

Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing and Refreshing Work to Control Risk

Data on all companies is updated and analyzed approximately every five weeks. Using this updated information, we rebalance the portfolios to ensure they reflect recent market developments. This rebalancing also reweights all holdings back to equal weight (1% or 2% of the total, depending on strategy), keeping the portfolios from becoming dominated by just one or a few stocks.

To ensure no portfolio becomes over invested in one economic sector, no sector is allowed to exceed an initial portfolio weight of two times its S&P 500 weight. The result is a portfolio generated and maintained with one goal in mind: maximizing your return while minimizing exposure to risk.

To learn more about our portfolios or to start investing with Summit, speak with our financial advisors in Milwaukee.
Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.