Who We Help

Long Answer: Everybody. Short Answer: You!

People Wealth Advisors Can Help Sitting Around a FireFinancial advisors and wealth management are not just for the super rich. Everybody needs some assistance looking after their assets and planning for the future. Regardless of the size of your personal fortune, we can help.

Everybody benefits from expert advice on how best to manage their finances.

Most of the very wealthy do have wealth managers, but don’t assume that they didn’t have them until they became very wealthy. Part of the reason they became so successful is because they properly balanced their cash flow, investments, tax burden and estate preservation. This requires the skills of multiple professionals. Everybody starts somewhere financially. Make sure you end where you want by taking advantage of the insight and guidance Summit and our Pinnacle Service Providers offer.

Trust Your Finances to a Team of Experts

Woman Being Helped by Financial Advisors on the Phone with ComputerOne of the best parts about working with Summit is having all the financial experts you need in one place. When you need to talk to an accountant, we will connect you with an accountant. We have lawyers you can meet with to set up your will and trust. Insurance companies, bankers, all the professionals you’ll need can be found among our Pinnacle Service Providers. In short, Summit is your point of access to a wide range of professionals, all working together to secure your financial future.

Face the future with a team of experts by your side.

The beauty of Summit’s approach to financial guidance and wealth management is we can help people who have no plan at all and those who already have a plan in place and are looking for a new perspective. Either way, we will develop a completely customized, personal wealth plan for life. Our team will work with you to craft a plan to meet your short and long term financial needs. And you won’t have to waste time finding the right professionals in several fields. Everyone you need can be found among our Pinnacle Service Providers.

If you already work with some professionals, like an accountant or insurance agent, Summit is perfectly willing to incorporate them into our team. We’ll use our Pinnacle Service Providers to fill the gaps and round out your personal team.

Whether this is your first step into the world of wealth management or if you’ve been taking an active role in your finances for years, Summit can help. The next step is giving us a call to arrange a free consultation and determine where you are and what your goals are. From there, we can begin planning your path to financial success.

Take the first step to personal wealth management by contacting Summit today for a free consultation.