Investment Portfolios for Individuals, Institutions and Businesses

Grow Your Capital and Generate Income

If you’re looking to increase the size of your investment portfolio, generate income to help cover your living expenses, or to achieve a specific goal, Summit can help. We can tailor an investment program designed to meet a wide range of different objectives.

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Investment Portfolios for Growing Capital

Our All Cap Core 50 and All Cap Core 100 portfolios follow simple, effective investing rules calculated to grow your initial investment.

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Investment Portfolios for Income Generation

For individuals who plan to generate income from their investments, our Equity Yield portfolio is an attractive option which may deliver more income than a bond-based portfolio in a very low interest rate environment.

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Robo Investing

Get a custom portfolio created by powerful computer algorithms by using automated portfolio management.

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Bond Investment Portfolios

Those seeking lower volatility and a fixed income stream turn to us for help creating a <a “Bond prices, financial forecasts and other considerations are taken into account when managing bond portfolios” href=”/investmentportfolios/bonds/”>portfolio based on bonds.

Man on Top of Mountain Representing New Vision for Legacy Portfolio Management

Custom and Legacy Portfolio Management

If you have a specific retirement or other goal you plan to meet through your investments, Summit will work with your CPA and Estate Planning team to create a custom portfolio to fit your individual needs.

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Charitable Donor Advised Funds

We also assist with the establishment and management of charitable donor advised funds which can oftentimes help to achieve your charitable objectives and preserve your personal wealth.