The Oxford Club Portfolio Management

The Oxford Club Members Special Services

As a Pillar One Advisor, Summit Investment Management has a number of special offers that are available only to Oxford Club members. For more information about those benefits please log-in to The Oxford Club and visit Summit’s Pillar One Advisors page.

The Oxford Club Trading Portfolio

Summit is pleased to offer Oxford Club members the opportunity to implement the Trading Portfolio through professionally designed procedures for either a tax-deferred or taxable portfolio.

The minimum account size required to participate is $50,000.

For more detailed information on the rules governing the management of the Trading Portfolio, please see the general rules for Oxford Club accounts.

Enhanced Equity Return

Information on Summit’s Enhanced Equity Return strategy is available to accredited investors only.  The minimum investment required to participate in this strategy is $250,000. Accredited investors must meet certain net worth and income limits.  Please contact us so we can determine if you are eligible to invest.

Access to Summit’s Investment Programs

All investment programs provided to Oxford Club members are offered as Separately Managed Accounts.  Folio Institutional, a third party, world class custodian, holds all invested funds and maintains the accounts.  Online account access is available 24/7 through Folio’s website.

Please contact our financial advisors for more information or to request a client enrollment kit. Be sure to mention that you are an Oxford Club member.