Small Cap Portfolio

Higher Risk Offers High Reward Potential in Small Cap Portfolios

Small, up and coming companies offer investors a golden opportunity. Get in early, and you could be on the ground floor of the next moonshot stock. This cuts both ways, though, as small cap stocks can lose big in a terrible bear market.
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100 small cap equities are picked.

With the right investment managers, you can have a small cap portfolio designed to minimize risk while still offering a huge potential return.

To form our small cap portfolio, our financial advisors start out with all available small cap equities. We then pass each of them through a series of financial tests to eliminate bad investments. Eventually, we are left the 100 stocks. These companies make it into the portfolio because they offer a higher likelihood of providing a positive return for our clients. To keep up with market conditions and ensure the portfolio continues to minimize risk and offer growth, we perform periodic rebalancing of the portfolio. Rebalancing prevents the portfoilo from becoming too heavily weighted towards any given market sector. Your small cap portfolio will remain as well diversified in the future as it is on the day you start with Summit.

Contact our Milwaukee financial planners to schedule a free consultation on a small cap only investment portfolio.
Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.