Large Cap Growth Portfolio

Growth Oriented Large Cap Investment Portfolio Offers Stability and Potentially Higher Returns

Most investors view large cap stocks as a reliable way to slowly grow their portfolio. Those looking for faster growth usually consider higher risk mid and small cap equities. Growth-oriented large cap portfolios are possible, though. Not all large cap stocks are slow growing investment workhorses.
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This portfolio seeks maximum growth for our clients.

Summit’s financial advisors scour large cap equities looking for undervalued stocks and companies poised for rapid growth.

A large cap growth portfolio offers a great mix of the long term dependability large caps are known for plus the opportunity to rapidly increase in value. The portfolio itself is fully invested in US large cap stocks, the exact number of which fluctuates between 50 and 100. We determine which stocks belong in the portfolio through the careful application of rules we have developed. Beginning with all possible US large cap stocks, we weed out the undesirable ones until we are left with only the best stocks for rapid growth. As the portfolio matures, regular rebalancing ensures you do not become over invested in any market sector. The result is a large cap growth portfolio you can depend on.

Contact our financial planners for a free consultation on how a large cap growth portfolio can help you achieve your financial objectives.
Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.