All Cap Core Tactical

Actively Managed, Diversified Portfolio Attempts to Avoid Major Market Downturns

Portfolio diversification can help limit certain kinds of risk. By investing across a broad spectrum of market sectors and capitalizations, Summit’s rules based portfolios are able to minimize the risk of investing in specific companies.

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Large market fluctuations and downturns affect the stocks of all companies and are often viewed as an unavoidable risk that all investors must accept as the price of being in the market.

Summit’s financial advisors have developed the All Cap Core Tactical as a way to potentially dodge major stock market declines.

Based on the All Cap Core 100, the All Cap Core Tactical is formed from 100 stocks following the same rules to narrow down the field from thousands of potential stocks. What sets the two apart is an additional rule governing the exposure of the All Cap Core Tactical to the stock market. When certain signals are detected, this rule causes the All Cap Core Tactical to shed market investments in favor of cash. This limits the amount of money at risk for loss when the downturn hits.

Automated Rules Designed to Reduce Risk of Substantial Loss

An All Cap Core Tactical portfolio is intended to help protect investors from severe market losses. If major market declines can be avoided or lessened, the long run returns of your portfolio will benefit. Not all risk can be avoided and there is the chance a false alarm could trigger an inopportune move into cash.

While not causing a loss, per se, there may be sub-optimal performance. Over the long run, though, the All Cap Core Tactical will eliminate emotion with an objective program to reduce risk.

To begin investing with an All Cap Core Tactical portfolio, contact Summit’s financial advisors.